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We are not just a Minecraft Server

TraizelCraft Network has grown beyond and continues to grow every day.

TraizelCraft was started back in 2012 on the Xbox 360 edition of Minecraft by a guy named Traizel. Over the years, his great creation grew into something he wanted to show off. One day, that became a reality when he started to show players his massive build. It only took a few months until several people were in love with his creation and wanted to see more.

Traizel continued to build not only his Minecraft world, but what was going to become a growing community of wonderful people. Today, TraizelCraft Network is more, and Traizel continues to build and grow with his community he has built, and has several plans for the upcoming future.


Everyone has a chance to spark change in the community

TraizelCraft Network focuses on putting the community first. We strive to keep a non toxic and great environment for all.

Along with that comes trust. Anyone, whether you just joined, are are a veteran, can apply for any position within the community. There are staff applications as well as non staff applications such as requests to join an SMP or become a collaborator.

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On top of the community, we have lots of content!

Traizel runs his YouTube channel, where he posts tons of content about TraizelCraft and The BBQrew.

Anyone has opportunities to promote themselves as well. You can apply for collaborator and promote your own events and videos. Soon we will have more power to collabs and content creators alike.


Why join us?

TraizelCraft has a lot to offer. We can help anyone, whether you are looking to grow, or just have fun.

Experienced World Builders

Many of us are pros at building in Minecraft. Join and ask for some help on your own worlds, or join the TraizelCraft build team!

Active Community

With several events, constant growth, and options for other creators, TraizelCraft is a great place to talk and have fun.

Always trying new things

TraizelCraft Network is always trying to expand the boundries and grow even further. If you ever have suggestions, don't hesitate to say something!

Small Connections. Huge Potential

TraizelCraft is small, yet growing. We have small connections with others, but our motives and ambitions outway our size.

We are fun and professional

We like to keep a professional look on the business side of things, but we remain a very fun group of individuals, in the staff team or as a whole.

TraizelCraft Content

We allow lots of our content to be downloaded by the public, and as a collaborator or higher, you may get your content on here as well.

Welcome to TraizelCraft!

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