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TraizelCraft Network Downloads

All TraizelCraft Worlds and Minecraft Addons available here!

The Old TraizelCraft Versions date from 2014 - 2021

TraizelCraft Network

Old Bedrock Versions

Version Description Download
Bedrock Template Official Bedrock Template to start a server!
3.4 End of Season 5
3.3 Bedrock RPG Update
3.2 Explorer's Update 3
3.1.9 End of Season 3
3.1 Explorer's Update 2
3.0.9 End of Season 2
3.0 Explorer's Update
2.9 Variety Update
2.8 Realm Update
2.7 Pre-Realm
Early TCraft About 2 Years into the build!

Misc Old Versions

Version Description Download
The Corruption The bug that pushed the Java Server!
Project Boundless Season 2 Traizel's Original SMP on Bedrock!
Project Boundless Traizel's Original SMP on Bedrock!

Minecraft Mods and Addons

Name Description Download
TCraft Bedrock The Official TraizelCraft Mod for Bedrock!
Anti Hack Moderate, Jail, and Ban your players with ease!
Man Hunt Play the Famous Man Hunt Game on Bedrock!
Hide & Seek Play Hide & Seek on any map, even your own!
Server Essentials Everything you need to start a server in seconds!